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Invictus & Hot Wax Greatest Hits

Invictushotwax 廉価ながら素晴らしいコンピCD。

 英EdselがまとめたInvictus / Hot Waxのコンピレーション。

 ポップでメロディアスな曲を生粋のデトロイトサウンド<猪突猛進>で包む---70年代初頭のInvictus / Hot Waxこそソウル・ミュージックの頂点の一つ。

 その偉大なレーベルの代表曲をInvictus / Hot Waxそれぞれ1枚のCDに収めている。

 タイロン・エドワーズの"Can't Get Enough Of You"がCDになるのは初めてじゃないだろうか。


1.Band Of Gold / Freda Payne
2.Give Me Just A Little More Time / Chairmen Of The Board
3.She's Not Just Another Woman / The 8th Day
4.Crumbs Off The Table / The Glass House
5.Bring The Boys Home / Freda Payne
6.Everything's Tuesday / Chairmen Of The Board
7.You've Got To Crawl (Before You Can Walk) / The 8th Day
8.Patches / Chairmen Of The Board
9.The Music Box / The New Play Featuring Ruth Copeland
10.I Had It All / The Barrino Brothers
11.Pay To The Piper / Chairmen Of The Board
12.Can't Get Enough Of You / Tyrone Edwards
13.I Need It Just As Bad As You [FILL-IN] / Laura Lee
14.Sittin' On A Time Bomb (Waiting For The Hurt To Come) / Lee Charles
15.VIP / Scherrie Payne
16.Touch Me Jesus / The Glass House
17.Let Me Down Easy / Chairmen Of The Board
18.You Took Me From A World Outside / Lee Charles
19.Hey There Lonely Girl / Ty Hunter
20.Touch Me / Eloise Laws
21.That's Love / The Hi-Lites
22.Wanting You / Earl English
23.Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right / Freda Payne
24.Guess I'm Gonna Cry / New York Port Authority
25.Want Ads / Honey Cone
26.Somebody's Been Sleeping / 100 Proof (Aged In Soul)
27.Mind, Body And Soul / Flaming Ember
28.Too Many Cooks (Spoil The Soup) [EXTRA-Cd / 100 Proof (Aged In Soul)
29.Women's Love Rights / Laura Lee
30.Westbound # 9 / Flaming Ember
31.Stick Up / Honey Cone
32.90 Day Freeze (On Her Love) [FILL-IN] / 100 Proof (Aged In Soul)
33.Frightened Girl / The Silent Majority
34.I'm Not My Brother's Keeper / Flaming Ember
35.Love Machine Part 1 / Mckinley Jackson & The Politicians
36.Crumbs Off The Table / Laura Lee
37.I Just Want To Be Loved / Lee Charles
38.Colours Of My Love / The Silent Majority
39.We Belong Together / Honey Cone
40.Free Your Mind / The Politicians
41.I Can't Hold On Much Longer / Laura Lee
42.While You're Out Looking For Sugar [UK Single Mix] / Honey Cone
43.Somebody's Gonna Hurt You, Like You Hurt Me / Lee Charles
44.Rip Off / Laura Lee
45.The Day I Found Myself / Honey Cone
46.Something New About You / The Silent Majority
47.Love Machine Part 2 / Mckinley Jackson & The Politicians
48.The Truth Will Come Out / Honey Cone (Featuring Sharon Cash)









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タイロンの"Can't Get Enough"はCastleなどで何回かCD化されていますが、
裏の"You Took Me From A World Outside"は、これが初CD化だと思います。
曲目リストのアーティスト名が"Lee Charles"となっていたので、
そのLeeの"Somebody's Gonna Hurt You~"も初CD化のはずです。


Posted by: RK | May 01, 2010 at 08:31 PM


Lee Charlesの件、確かにそうですよね。

Posted by: Sugar Pie Guy | May 02, 2010 at 07:02 PM

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