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Spirit Of Philadelphia 3

Spirit_of_philadelphia_3 忘れていた頃に出てきたフィリー・コンピ第三集。

 英エクスパンションのSoul Togethernessシリーズのフィリーに特化したコンピのシリーズ最新作。

The Spirit Of Philadelphia 3 various (Expansion CD EXP 35)

 Soul Togethernessとしてのコンピは2000年から毎年一枚づつ出ている。




01 It's Not The World That's Messed Up / Tapestry
02 I Wouldn't Give You Up / Ecstasy, Passion & Pain
03 Don't Ask Me To Forget / Jay & The Techniques
04 New To You / Sharon Paige
05 And Tomorrow Means Another Day We're Apart / Troy
06 Get Out Of My Life / Sharon McMahan
07 I Just Got To Fine Someone To Love Me / Ghetto Children
08 I'm Going Through Changes Now / Brown Sugar
09 Precious / Keith Barrow
10 When You Look At Me / Barbara Mason
11 I Thought You Would Like To Know / Impact
12 Wild Goose Chase / Moving Violation
13 I Have Learned To Do Without You / Debbie Taylor
14 I Think I'll Tell Her / Ronnie Dyson
15 Help Me Find A Way (To Say I Love You) / Little Anthony & The Imperials
16 Thank You For Today / Sister Sledge
17 This Is What You Mean To Me / Major Harris



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